Friday, April 14 2006

We've noticed that more and more people are taking a look at Red Orchestra: Ostfront 41-45, and a real community has formed around the game. The team that built the game, Tripwire, has released its first update and more will follow. They put together an all new gameplay movie, and they've also been getting some nice press that you can find on their Metacritic page.

There are just a little over three weeks left for you to preload SiN Episode 1: Emergence before it is unlocked. Remember that if you pre-purchase the game before it is made available on May 10th, you will save 10% on the $19.95 price.

Meanwhile, here at Valve, we're frantically trying to put the finishing touches on Episode One for preloading to begin May 1st. The past couple of days have been spent with the team adding commentary tracks. Hopefully it will be interesting for people to gain some insight into our development processes. It's pretty hectic around the office, but it is always a lot of fun to be so close to shipping.

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