Friday, June 3 2005

We're happy that the recently released Counter-Strike: Source maps de_inferno and de_port have been so well received, and along those lines it's time to start talking about what's coming next. This week, we have a couple of screenshots from the remake of the classic Counter-Strike map cs_assault, which is now set in downtown Chicago.


We always like to keep everyone abreast of the games the MOD community is working on, so here is a list of a few we're keeping our eye on:

Plan of Attack, Pirates, Vikings, and Knights 2, Sven Co-Op 2, Sourceball, and Dystopia

All of these projects are at varying stages of development, ranging from the concept phase to having a playable game ready for you to download from their site. It's cool to follow a MOD team from their initial concept through the eventual release, as you generally get to see a side of game development that is somewhat hidden with traditional game development companies.

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