Friday, June 15 2007

Tomorrow, Saturday June 16th, Valve's Gabe Newell will be giving a presentation at the Showdown LAN 2007 event in San Jose. He'll be discussing the Orange Box release and some new developments in Steam. But the part of the event we're looking forward to most is Left 4 Dead being playable by real gamers for the first time. Judging by our own internal playtests, the co-op nature of the game will make for some intense (and hilarious) LAN play. Note to those attending the event: Gabe tends to accidentally shoot teammates, so stand behind him while fighting the zombie horde.

Also, if you've already played all of the Sam & Max episodes (which we just released today) and you're looking for something else to keep you busy this week, why not try your hand at directing? The Movies has come to Steam. "Egos. Money. Blockbusters. Welcome to Hollywood."