Friday, January 26 2007

New to Steam this week is the release of the Painkiller Gold Edition. This package includes the original game along with the Battle Out of Hell expansion pack. The entire package is available for $17.95, down from $19.95 until the end of this month.

Congratulations to the Black Mesa for Half-Life 2 MOD team for picking up the Most Anticipated MOD Award for the coming year from Mod DB. Over 80,000 votes were cast for MODs built for a number of different games, and they have been crowned this year's most wanted. More information on this ambitious project to recreate Half-Life 1 from scratch in the Source engine is available on their site. We're as eager to play it here as everyone else.

We're also offering a discount on one of the first third-party games to ever be released on Steam, Rag Doll Kung Fu can be yours for just $4.95 if you buy it before February 8th.

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