Friday, March 2 2007

We'll be releasing an update soon to both text chat and voice communication in the Source Engine that will improve communication for people in multiplayer games. We've completely rebuilt the text chat system, adding the ability to browse your chat history right in the chat window and a filter to remove messages that clutter your game screen. Voice communication will be getting a huge boost in quality, so if you have a microphone sitting on the corner of your desk collecting dust, now would be a good time to plug it back in.

We hosted Eurogamer here at Valve a couple of weeks ago to look at Left 4 Dead, and they've posted their thoughts on what they played. With Left 4 Dead plus the other three games we're working on internally (Episode Two, Team Fortress 2, and Portal) we've been having a lot of people come by and take a look at what we're working on, so people should start seeing more and more coverage.

In Source MOD news, the Eternal Silence team has released the version of their game that they will be displaying at next week's Game Developers Conference in the Independent Games Festival area. For more information on this space themed MOD, head over to their web page, or you can just download it and start playing.

We're also running a special limited time promotion of 25% off Half-Life 2 (sale price $22.45). Still holding out. . .?

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