Introducing Palermo, a new Day of Defeat: Source map from Magnar "insta" Jenssen. This map's design was inspired by the Italian port city of the same name and was also based in part on "Salerno", a popular community map. Palermo features five capture points, four of which often flip back and forth between teams during play. The central plaza's two-person capture point is the map's key strategic area.

Steam Community avatars will now appear next to each player name in the scoreboard, on the end-of-round panel, and as part of the newly-added freeze cam. Also, when you have friends playing with you in the game you'll be able to spot them using the new Friend icon next to their avatar on the scoreboard.

There are now 51 unique achievements that you can earn for your play in-game. We've designed them to cover a variety of different play styles and specializations, and to recognize some of the rare and amazing feats people pull off while playing. For example, Jack of All Trades rewards players for earning a kill with a Machine Gun, Sniper Rifle, Rifle, Sub-Machine Gun, and a Grenade all in a single life.

Day of Defeat: Source players can now show off their own stats and achievement progress in the Steam Community, using a method similar to Team Fortress 2's gameplay stats. Detailed statistics including usage of each weapon and class will be gathered displayed, giving players an at-a-glance view of each other's specific strengths.

Tired of getting killed by snipers without being able to tell where the fire is coming from? Day of Defeat: Source now has a freeze camera of your attacker, which will let you know where they are (or where they were when they shot you) and also allows you to take a screenshot for posterity. Also, if you score three consecutive kills against another individual player, you will be called out as "dominating" them.