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This page last updated: 1:30pm PST (21:30 GMT), September 18 2006 Average unique users per month: 2,834,131
Game Current Players Current Servers Player Minutes / Month
 Counter-Strike94,96451,5765.194 billion
 Counter-Strike: Source52,79030,8681.716 billion
 Counter-Strike Condition Zero16,42611,106779.784 million
 Day of Defeat: Source5,0252,208153.385 million
 Day of Defeat4,3101,661193.630 million
 Half-Life 2: Deathmatch1,4951,09661.959 million
 Half-Life DeathMatch80955435.708 million
 TeamFortress Classic74959629.936 million
 Garry's Mod 960432127.884 million
 Natural Selection60123623.112 million
 Earth's Special Forces30921913.247 million
 The Specialists2121458.338 million
 Sven Co-Op1711126.805 million
 SourceForts167655.252 million
 Dark Messiah Of Might And Magic Open Multiplayer Beta152215.229 million
 Hidden: Source661073.636 million
 Opposing Force64412.153 million
 Dystopia60322.137 million
 International Online Soccer43130.866 million
 BrainBread41171.490 million
 Digital Paintball41181.396 million
 Battle Grounds 233131.508 million
 The Ship30401.635 million
 Adrenaline Gamer29400.856 million
 Firearms25230.967 million
 Ricochet25230.915 million
 Empires24250.910 million
 The Battle Grounds20180.876 million
 Deathmatch Classic19321.441 million
 Half Life 2 Capture The Flag17260.911 million
 Action Half-Life4220.257 million
 Half-Life 2 Deathmatch Pro1190.073 million

TOTAL 179,552 101,572 6.298 billion