So you'd like to have your game
on Steam?
Any developer or publisher who is new to Steam and interested in submitting their game to the platform should submit their game through Steam Greenlight here:

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Business Details

1. Does Steam only accept games from major publishers, or will you take a game from an indie developer?

Your game doesn't have to come from a big name studio, as long as it's fun we'd love to see it.

2. What do you look for when accepting games for Steam?

Going forward, we’re putting the choice into the hands of customers through Steam Greenlight. You can find about more about Steam Greenlight here.

3. Who sets the price for my game on Steam?

Pricing is very title specific, and we've got a lot of data and experience to help you decide on what the best price is for your title. We'll work with you to figure out pricing.

4. What is your revenue split?

We don't discuss our revenue split publicly. Once your game goes through Steam Greenlight, we'll get to those details.

5. Do the steam royalties apply before or after VAT/country specific taxes?

Taxes are removed before calculating royalties.

6. What is the common payment interval and can we group transactions to minimize banking fees?

We make monthly statements and payments.

7. What other fees come out of my revenue share?

There are some specific adjustments made depending on such things as fraud and returns and these are outlined more fully in our distribution agreement that we will send to you if your game is going on Steam. We do not make deductions for marketing or bandwidth.

8. Do you require exclusivity for titles you sell on Steam?

We think you should get your game in front of as many people as you can, therefore we do not require exclusivity on titles.

9. What are my marketing options on Steam?

We do not sell any of our marketing on Steam. We will work with you to determine the best marketing plan for your title.

Technical Details

1. How do I get access to Steamworks?

You can access the Steamworks SDK and documentation by visiting, signing in, and accepting the SDK Access Agreement. The account you do this from must not be limited.

To be granted your own AppID to build your application and prepare for release on Steam, you will need to start by posting your product in Steam Greenlight.

2. My game is in early development stages, don't I need to plan for the SDK integration now?

The Steamworks SDK is easy to integrate, so you can wait until your game is further along in the development cycle before worrying about it.

3. Do you take XNA, Flash or Adobe Air games?

Yes, we accept all three types on Steam. Flash games need to be wrapped so that they launch from a stand-alone executable.

4. What language is the Steamworks API available in?

The Steamworks API is written in C++.

5. Do you have a .NET or Actionscript wrapper?

We do not have any wrappers available as part of the SDK.

6. Do you have a DRM solution for .NET, Flash and Adobe Air?

We currently do not have a way to DRM these titles.

Submission Details

1. I've got a game I want on Steam. What should be my first step?

Please start by posting your product to Steam Greenlight. For more information, please read the Greenlight FAQ.