Build better products.
Steamworks improves the development of your game. Share your game in-progress with remote team members or participants in a private beta. Base your compatibility work on what your customers actually have under the hood of their computers. Use an installer that can update itself right out of the box—don't worry about that gold master leaving the building. Automatically track the most frequent crashes in your game. All these benefits come from a suite of tools that drop right in to your existing development process.


Run secure public betas of your game. Hold public betas and choose from one participant to thousands, if you like. The timing and scope of the beta is up to you.

Rapid and secure build distribution

The same tool that allows us to securely build and share Left 4 Dead between our offices in Seattle and Orange County can be used for your product as well. No more syncing to build trees to playtest. Let your own internal version of Steam help you run more frequent playtests at the click of a button.

Know your target audience

Using the results of the Steam Hardware Survey to look at your game in particular, you can better target your development and support of games.

Bug reporting

Track most frequent crashes in real time and then triage based on number of unique users. Auto–collection of minidumps and minidump parsing tools to make your job easier. Find and address bugs even before customers contact support.


Reduce your support costs with Steamworks updatable, proven, and intelligent installer. Your installer can be auto–updated even after delivering a gold master, ensuring that your customers have the best experience from the first time they play your game.