Used by 30 million gamers.
Available to you for free.
You’re already creating a great game. When it’s released, players will expect it to be supported by a robust set of community and networking features. Using Steamworks will ensure that players can find each other, talk to each other, and join games together. They’ll also be able to get access to your game from any Mac or PC, and they'll be protected from cheaters.

Persistent identity framework

Achievements, leaderboards, profiles, and avatars make your game come alive, building your community and providing a strong incentive to play more and recruit others.

Multiplayer matchmaking

Steamworks' multiplayer back-end is powered by robust matchmaking and lobby technology. The same technology that drives the quick and accurate match-ups in Left 4 Dead can be used in your game. Works with both peer-to-peer and server-based games. Steamworks' built-in voice functionality enables players to work quickly to strategize their next misson.

The Steam Community

Your game becomes the talk of the town as part of Steam’s large and connected Steam Community. Friends will see friends playing your game and will be able to organize matches, compare achievements, and talk about the next match, sequels, favorite parts, or their favorite villain.

Official groups

Talk directly to your customers and invite gamers from across the Steam Community to be a part of your Official Group on Steam. Official Groups are run solely by you. You can organize matches, post concept art, announce news, or simply chat about anything you like with your customers. Each game and partner automatically has a spot reserved — it’s up to you to say what you like and connect with your customers.

In-game DLC

Sell additional content from within your game to the customers who want it most. Steamworks provides true in-game DLC, allowing customers to select, buy, and use DLC — all without leaving the game. Additionally, using Steamworks' DLC does not close off your other channels. You are still free to sell the content at retail, either with other online sites or through the Steam store.


With true cheat detection, keep cheaters from ruining it for the rest of us. Extend the life and sales of your game by making sure that the game plays as you intended it to when you shipped.

Access from any computer

Your customers can sign in and use their game from any PC or Mac. Access to their games is based on a customer account, not tied to a computer. Plus, with built-in offline mode, your customers can play on laptops when traveling — or anywhere else.

Voice chat

With built-in voice chat, players can talk to each other both inside and outside the game.